Conastone to Maryland Line

230 kV Line Rebuild


Miles of Line

0 kV

Project Need

  • This project helps to resolve PJM requirements as identified in 2014-15 PJM RTEP Market Efficiency Study and is required for BGE to meet its obligations under the Operating Agreement with PJM
  • This project resolves transmission system congestion and reduces associated congestion costs in the PJM market, thus providing economic benefit to BGE customers
  • This project is a part of a larger PJM Project that was previously approved by PJM. This portion of the project is related to facilities in BGE’s service territory, specifically the Conastone substation and a new transmission line connecting it to the new Furnace Run substation

Project Description

  • Construct a new 230 kV circuit from BGE’s Conastone Substation to the Maryland state line
  • Modify BGE’s Conastone substation to install the additional circuit
  • Construct a Conastone 230 kV termination yard to transition new circuit for overhead to underground entering station
  • Overall project length is approximately 2 miles
  • This project is subject to PSC approval and design changes


April 2020

Begin Design and Engineering

April 2020

Begin Design and Engineering

June 30, 2020

MD PSC Approval

March 2021

Complete Design and Engineering

September 2021

Construction Start

December 2022

Project Service Date

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Photo Simulation

View from Lieb Road looking southwest. This project is subject to PSC approval and design changes.

Viewpoint Location Map

Construction Sequence

Construction sequence graphics are intended to provide an overview of the typical construction sequence for a project. These graphics are used to give stakeholders a general idea of what to expect regarding this project’s construction process and effort. This project is subject to PSC approval and design changes.

Conastone to Maryland Line

Right-of-Way Path

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If you have any questions about this project, please contact BGE at and refer to the Pennsylvania Interconnections (PJM 3A) Projects. Please include your name and address for prompt follow-up